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电子游艺娱乐场:Yinhua Fund Ji Xingzheng: Diversified System Dividend will continue to be released

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内容摘要: With the launch of the third batch of mixed reform pilot projects, the reform of state-owned enterprises will advance in depth, and the rel...

With the launch of the third batch of mixed reform pilot projects, the reform of state-owned enterprises will advance in depth, and the relevant topic market will also enter the strategic layout period. What are the major investment opportunities in the current mixed reform? How long can the cycle of dividends be sustained in related topics? Recently, the reporter interviewed Yan Xingzhen, an aspiring fund manager of the Yinhua Mixed-Venue Dividend Flexible Allocation Fund. He listened to him to interpret the investment opportunities in the mixed background.

Miscellaneous reform theme market will enter the strategic layout period

In recent years, the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises has steadily advanced. At present, three batches of mixed-ownership reform pilot demonstration projects have been launched, covering central enterprises and some local state-owned enterprises, and have achieved full coverage in seven major fields such as electricity, petroleum, natural gas, railways, civil aviation, telecommunications, and military industry. Zhai Xingzhen told reporters that through mixed reforms, a large number of high-quality non-public capital can be leveraged, organically merging the scale of state-owned capital, technological advantages, and innovation and management advantages of private capital and foreign capital to achieve the enhancement of corporate asset efficiency and labor productivity. The company's core competitiveness.

Yan Xingzhen believes that with the announcement of three batches of pilot companies after 2017, mixed reform has entered an important stage of practical breakthrough. During the entire theme of the fermentation process, the dividend stocks corresponding to the theme have had phased investment opportunities. If you can grasp these hot-spot opportunities in a timely manner to build a mixed-change theme strategy, you can get a good return.

With the launch of the third batch of mixed reform pilot projects, the relevant theme market will enter the strategic layout period. The Yinhua Fund also introduced Yinhua Mixed-Change Dividend Flexible Allocation Fund. The fund adopts the operating mode of the originating fund, and Yinhua Fund will invest 10 million yuan to subscribe for it and hold it for at least 3 years to share proceeds and share risks together with investors.

Sui Xingzhen said: "At the current point of time, we are optimistic about the market, whether it is value stocks such as home appliances, automobiles, large brokers, , or high-end equipment, 5G, military information, in line with future industrial trends. Pharmaceuticals, new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, and wind power can all find companies with margins of safety.This year's market environment fluctuates greatly and is currently at a lower level of risk appetite. Northward funding has recently continued net inflows , so it's about the future. The trend of optimism."

The pursuit of risk under control of excess returns

As Yinhua Fund Fundamental Research Investment Business Unit Head, Zhai Xingzhen excels in identifying investment opportunities in trend analysis. During the 12 years in which he was engaged in public fund research and investment research, Zhai Xingzhen has excellent management capabilities and outstanding performance. In particular, it is worth mentioning that in the past, the mixed partial stock products managed by Yan Xingzhen had smaller retracements than the market average when the market fluctuates greatly.

In the operation of the Yinhua Mixed-Venue Dividend Flexible Allocation Fund, Yan Xingzhen said that he will also seek to obtain excess returns under conditions where risks are under control and strive to find opportunities for success with high probability in uncertainty. Among them, based on the research and thinking of the industry, we should pay attention to changes in the intrinsic value of listed companies, focus on safety margins and the core competitiveness of enterprises, and pay attention to long-term investment in the investment process. Investment opportunities of more than 6 months but less than 24 months are important. Its core operating strategy.

In terms of market layout, Zhai Xingzheng said that he will focus on the following three investment directions: First, he has competitive advantages such as resources and channels, but he has previously been subject to the company's system and has caused the company's competitive advantage to fail to fully realize the state-owned enterprise standard. The second is that its own mechanism is flexible and competitive, but it is limited by resources, and the business development of enterprises is suppressed to a certain extent. Private enterprises that are expected to have or have received state-owned capital assistance in the future may be suppressed. Third, state-owned enterprises that have already achieved mixed reforms to a certain extent, including state-owned enterprises that have improved their incentive mechanisms or have introduced private capital.





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